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Making free from cooking simple and accessible for everyone, with a dash of my cat lady life thrown in for good measure.

I create free from dairy & refined sugar dishes, due to not being able to eat certain foods. You can find out more about my diet on my about page. Below are some of my favourite recipes at the moment. You can also view all of my recipes.

Change me up noodles.

- Free From Dairy & Gluten & Refined Sugar - 

Stuffed Baked Potaotes

- Free From Dairy, Gluten & REfined Sugar -

 Pink Pasta Salad

- Free From Dairy, Gluten & Refined Sugar-

Simple Potato Salad.

- Free From Dairy, Gluten & Refined Sugar -

Sat at my kitchen table, with a steaming cup of tea and a cat on the chair next to me, with another perched on the end of the table, and another looking out of the window is where you will find me tip tapping away on my laptop.

I write Wonderful Wednesday posts every week, as well as thoughts on life, the universe and all that is in between. I sometimes write about brands I've had the opportunity to work with, or recommend a product or two with affiliate links - projects like this is what enables me to keep this blog going. 

Whilst I may work with companies, I always stay true to who I am, which is a tea drinking, cat cuddling late twenties girl (I can't bring myself to say woman, why?!). I'm a chatterbox, be it in real life, or on the tinterwebs - usually on Instagram stories. I send out a weekly newsletter which you can find more about right here.

Below are a few of my favourite posts at the moment, you can also take a nosey at all of my blog entires.









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Wonderful Wednesday.

Número 19 of 2018.






Do we need to be more curious?

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