Hello World

Hello World...that's how wordpress advises you to start a blog post. I should know I've started enough  blogs over the years. Some have come to a grinding halt after I have lost interest, others have become mumbled jumbled messes with no real direction or reason - albeit this is not a reason to stop blogging but hey ho. And the last one, my favourite one, the place I wrote ALL of the feelings bubbling deep inside me, I accidentally lost. Uhuh, I'm the girl that should have backed up her blog. That should back up photos, documents - you know all the important stuff, but kinda forgets. Or has far too much on her to do list and keeps popping that little important task right at the bottom. Yeah, I'm her.night I'm looking at this screen and thinking I really should have gone self hosted. I've been down the whole monetising your blog route but this time I wanted something for me. Just me... will I tell others about this little, tiny, unknown spot in the universe? I'm not sure yet.

So I'm planning to share my life with you, it's a rather special life with plenty of twists and turns. I mean you couldn't make up some of the things that happen to me. I also plan to share my goals, recipes, fitness journey and bucket list (yet to be written) because I'd like somewhere to keep everything in one place. I've named this blog 24 Hours In Today. I like to cram A LOT into my day and tend to mutter there words "don't worry there are 24 hours in a day" to myself on a weekly basis.

So that's that explained...let the blogging journey begin.

Me x