2. Paris

Last week I began answering one of the Dear Future Me journal questions which was seven places I want to visit in my lifetime. As I delved into this question, every tiny bit of wanderlust hit me at once and I was overwhelmed by all of the places I want to explore. I wrote about Italy, so keeping it pretty close to home again for this one the other place I desperately want to visit in Europe is Paris. Ooh la la, ce la vie! That is pretty much as far as my French goes. That's not true I have a little basic knowledge of French but no one likes a know it all do they?

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I fell into the classic "Paris is the city of romance" trap years ago, probably during my late teens and I've never quite shaken that ideal from my mind. I've yet to visit the French capital and can only day dream of wandering along the quaint streets discovering whimsical bakeries and classy boutiques.

Of course I want to visit the iconic Eiffel Tower as well as The Louvre, taking in the view from above and devouring the incredible works of art. I so want to feast my eyes upon the incredible French Architecture this patchwork of villages that makes up such a grand city is famous for.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in particular is something I am sure will astound me, for some reason I really cherish visiting beautiful religious buildings. I fall into a quiet awe as I take in the inconceivable work required to create such beautiful places of worship.

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Living just a few hours from the French / Spanish boarder I have visited France on many occassions, enjoying the delicious cuisine on offer. Although it must be said, I much prefer Spanish tapas to French gastronomy.

I am a people watcher, I revel in sitting in a busy square watching the hussle and bussle of the world go by, focusing on individuals and creating a story in my head of where they have been and where they are going. The french are so sophisticated and chic in every way possible, I'm sure I'd sit for hours imagining the ins and outs of their private lives. (Does anyone else do this? Or am I just slightly strange?)

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As I mentioned in yesterday's post I would really like to visit Paris during twenty-sixteen, but for now I'll continue to stalk this awe-inspiring city on Pinterest. If you have any recomnendations of places to visit, things to see and hotels to stay in please do comment below!

Au revoir Paris, bientôt!

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