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Happy Lists & Midnight Musings.

I create free from dairy & refined sugar dishes, due to not being able to eat certain foods. You can find out more about my diet on my about page. Below are some of my favourite recipes at the moment. You can also view all of my recipes.



- Free From Dairy & Meat - 

Apple & Fig Pizza

- Free From Dairy, Refined Sugar & Meat - 

Sesame Noodles

- Free From Dairy & Meat-

Sat at my kitchen table, with a steaming cup of tea and a cat on the chair next to me, with another perched on the end of the table, and another looking out of the window is where you will find me tip tapping away on my laptop. I write Wonderful Wednesday posts every week, as well as thoughts on life, the universe and all that is in between. Here are a few of my favourite posts at the moment, you can also take a nosey at all of my blog entires.








A look back on a year I wanted to forget, until I reflected on all the good parts of the year.

Wonderful Wednesday

Número 3 of 2018





A soul feeding mid week list of happiness.

The Short Cuts To Life





We're constantly on the search for short cuts...but do they really exsist?

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